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    For as much as you would think Im a Republican wingnut, I wholeheartedly believe you are a moonbat liberal Democrat wacko. And I think you give talk radio and Fox News too much credit. After all, the libs have the lying news med... [Read More]

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    I recently read a very well written post by Will Wheaton which covered a variety of topics. At the risk of missing the big picture, one part caught my interest in particular. He makes the argument that the Bush administration has shifted the tax burden... [Read More]

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    We need to learn to talk to each other about the issues without it becoming a war of dogma. And if we can't start by talking with our own parents, who can we talk to? We all have our lenses on, whatever the color. But despite those lenses, I think ther... [Read More]

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    An excellent excellent article by Wil Wheaton at Im sure many of us have had this experience, but it really meshes with what Ive experienced with my dad (although, admittedly and thankfully, no screaming match disagreements.... [Read More]

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    One of my pleasures is the writings of Wil Wheaton. (Yes, long ago he played the annoying kid on Star Trek: The Next Generation but hes turned out to be a decent writer. Really!) Thankfully, he doesnt write about... [Read More]

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    Turns out his parents don’t agree with how they were portrayed in his original essay - and Wheaton agrees he made some assumptions he shouldn’t have. In a new essay, on his own blog, Wheaton shares portions of an interview he did with his own paren... [Read More]

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    Courtesy of Basil I found this piece up by Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: TNG) on an article he wrote that offended his family. From the article, Wheaton's dad goes off on the Tookie William incident, but Wil had an explanatio... [Read More]

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    This is an essay about his family Christmas get together, but it's also about politics and how the ultra right wing media divides and conquers even the most intelligent people. Wil has a way of writing a very short vignette... [Read More]