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    I've slammed Bush on this thing and in person (no, not in person with him, regretfully) several dozen times. But no one does it quite like mister Wheaton. And I know he isn't slamming Bush just for the sole purpose... [Read More]

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    I've been seething all day long about the pro-torture, anti-justice vote in the Senate. And I was going to write a post about it, but I've been too pissed off. Then I read Wil Wheaton's post, A statement of conscience,... [Read More]

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    but an attitude of scientific inquiry combined with a belief that the torture of millions is not desirable, whether inflicted by Stalin or by a Deity imagined in the likeness of the believer. The US Government has redefined, no, RAPED the US Con... [Read More]

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    I still cannot quite believe that the Gitmo prison is there. For me, as a Canadian, as a caring person, it's like George Orwell's "boot stamping on a human face--for ever." [Read More]

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    Wil Wheaton (Wesley from Star Trek) wrote an entry in his blog the other day about the current state of our government. This got me to thinking and I thought I'd toss out my thoughts as well. This is the first political statement I've made in this blo [Read More]