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"We are the Legion of Superheroes!"

I got to play Cosmic Boy again today, on one of the coolest episodes of Legion of Superheroes we've done so far . . . and that's saying a lot, because the episode we did last week -- which I think (hope) is safe to say was sort of a Cosmic Boy episode -- was pretty goddamn cool.

I can't say a single thing, as usual, about the characters or stories, but have I mentioned how fun it is? Today, we probably added 45 minutes to the session because we were cracking each other up so hard. At one point, Andy Milder gave me the giggles so bad, we had to just skip over two of my lines and come back to them when we were done with the show. I wish I could recreate some of the moments, but they're all "you had to be there" moments, made even more esoteric because Yuri Lowenthal, Andy, and I are seriously hardcore comic book geeks.

I must point out -- again -- just how brilliant and awesome the entire production is, and how proud and honored and grateful I am to be part of it. This is a dream come true for me, man: getting paid to work with people I admire and respect and create something that I'm fiercely proud of. I am so incredibly lucky, and every time I go in there, I feel like I'm a pitcher who just got another one by on the corner, so I don't take a single moment for granted.


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Now if only they had a part for you on BSG. You'd make an awesome cylon. ;-)

/Ok, so season 2 is still running here, and I just got finished watching an episode. Sue me.

//And none of our cartoon channels carry any decent or current cartoons, so sadly for that we have to rely on teh internets. We only got our Family Guy habit during a US visit.

Wil, if you don't read Scott Adams' blog, you should check it out:


What happened to the animated feature with the geek and the goth girl you did last fall? Sorry, I have forgotten the name. Is that out of post production yet?

I totally went to SamoHi with Andy Milder. Call him "Gooch", see if he freaks out.


It is good to see somebody is getting paid and having fun with drama. Not like the drama I am going through, with my landlord, to get my AC working. I went through the same drama, in the winter, for the heater. She seems to take pleasure in winter freezing and summer baking. You just can't give some people a little bit of power.


You are probably thinking of Kyle + Rosemary.
"Kyle's a hopeless geek and Rosemary's a shy goth, but when playing the online fantasy MMORPG 'Questworld', their true personalities shine through. When their characters meet online, its love at first pixel - but will they have the courage to connect in the real world?"
Check out Wil's filmography here. I *love* IMDB!!

Errr...sorry. I meant to address the above to Byron!

i would love to see this show! this may be a good replacment to Justice League Unlimited which they took off the air :( I miss that show.


Played the final table with you on that 10 cent buy in.

What a gas! Even though you called my all in bet and your King caught, edging my Ace to oblivion.

Now I have played much bigger tournaments over the years and whooped it up at
- ahem - craps tables with $10K of my money spread, but today's final table had the whole family involved in heart stopping action.

As usual, we had some jerks cursing on their way out but your grace today did make a difference. And I know your "OMG" at winning was a sincere appreciation of the feat in beating over 1000 players.

Good to see you working, both in the studio and as a member of the Poker Stars team.

All good wishes,

Robbie Fields
Posh Boy Records

Andy Milder! There's a name from the past. I also went to Samohi (waves at Keith). I always loved his work (he does a mean "Officer Krupke"), and I'm so glad to hear he's still getting great jobs.

Hey Wil,

I don't know if anyone has shown you this yet, but:



Hopefully you're still reading comments in this post. I wish there was a better way to tell you this but...

I've been reading Just a Geek which is fantastic and my wife isn't even waiting for me to finish it before she's started to read it. While reading it three things occurred to me.

1) The IT Crowd is an awesome British TV show about geeks. I absolutely love it. If you haven't seen it you should go right now and:
a) buy the PAL format DVD off of Amazon if you have a region-free player.
b) hunt it down online and download it if you're less than strict about copyright issues.

2) They're making a US version. I've heard it's the same people that brought The Office to US TV so I'm pretty sure it's going to rock.

3) You're a great actor and you're very funny.

As these three ideas gelled inside my head I realized that I'd love to see you playing a part in what is almost certain to be my favorite comedy and an enormous hit among geeks.

What do you think? Have you seen The IT Crowd? I searched for it on your blog and you've never posted about it so I assume you haven't seen it.

I miss JL Unlimited as well. Can you guess who I liked the most? :)

gotta add that to my TiVo list

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